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  1. What is the biggest misconception your colleagues have about you?

  2. Tell me about a risk that you regretted taking at work? And one you felt justified in taking.

  3. What are you most likely to fail at or do most poorly in at this position?

  4. What was the most complex work problem you’ve ever had to solve?

  5. When have you sacrificed the quality of your work to meet a deadline? and the opposite?

  6. How do you make a decision?

  7. Which of your peers do you look up to the most? Why?

  8. What does “good judgment” mean to you? And when have you exercised it?

  9. What do you do to develop yourself personally and professionally?

  10. What are your three signature skills? Now tell me a story about when you’ve used each skill tactfully.

  11. Why are you here?

  12. Tell me about a time when you have misjudged a colleague?

  13. What was the most engaging experience you’ve had working on a team? What was your role?

  14. What are the most significant trends impacting this industry/line of work? What do you think about it?

  15. Have you ever been an advocate of change in your workplace that was beyond the scope of your job?

  16. When have you experienced significant pressure at work that brought you to your breaking point? What support did you lack that would have helped?

  17. When have you been less than proud about your actions at work? Customer, colleague, supervisor.

  18. Do you prefer working in a team or independently? What is it about one that makes the other more desirable?

  19. When was the last time you received professional feedback? What was it and how did you incorporate it into your life?

  20. Do you feel like you’ve had a good opportunity to tell us who you are and showcase your strengths? If not, what would you like for me to know?

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