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Hi, I'm Troy! Thanks for checking in! I'm here to help you through your career advancement by enhancing your professional assets, online and offline. 

I've spent the last five years helping hundreds of professionals get the job that they want and supporting the hiring of over 1,100 aviation and travel professionals across all job functions such as IT, operations, maintenance, finance, customer service, in-flight services, pilots, project managers, ramp service, software development, business intelligence, and many many more roles. 


During the pandemic, I supported the aviation and travel sector by providing career workshops for those looking to explore new opportunities and those moving inside the industry. CheckinwithTroy represents a much-needed fresh approach to the process of accessing aviation industry jobs and learning about its culture and the many organizations that are part of it. 

Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, I spent 14 years in aviation working across four teams, including customer service, operations, sales, and recruitment, for Porter Airlines. 

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