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Astrology at Work 

Build Self-Awareness

Astrology can help you build self awareness on how you show up at work and how you are perceived by others. 

Leverage Your Innate Strengths

You have innate strengths that are under utilized. Identify and leverage them within the workplace.

Confirm Your Intuition

Do you have a hunch it's time for a change of career? These intuitive signals often manifest themselves in the planetary alignments.

My Astrological Journey

The very first books that I ever purchased at the age of 14 were two astrological books, The Secret Language of Birthdays and The Secret Language of Relationships written by Gary Goldschneider a world-renowned writer, pianist, composer, and personologist. Gary studied and assessed the character traits of over 14,000 people to generalize birth characteristics for each day of the year.

I used these books to study and better understand the people around me including my family, friend, and co-workers. they were also very helpful when it came to making decisions about my career.


My studies intensified over the last 3 years. I dived into the mechanics behind an astrological reading. i learned about astrological houses, planetary transits, aspects, signs, and how they influence each other.  It became clear to me that there was in fact a relationship between the movements of planetary bodies and events and people on terra firma. I began integrating my learning into my work with clients helping them understand the meaning of their own astrological charts and how they can leverage it within their careers.

Your Birthchart


A Birthchart (pictured above) holds the key to unlocking and understanding the nuances of your personality. Pop-culture astrology only focuses on your "sun sign" (Gemini, Leo, Libra, etc.) but there is far more to astrology than your sun sign.

Understanding where every planetary body was when you were born, and not just the sun, reveals much about how you operate and show up in the world, how others perceive you, and what phases of your personal growth through life you are in.

I use this information as a complement to our work together. It's a secondary reference point we can use to better understand how you make decisions, how you communicate, what's important to you and much much more.

There is no additional cost to this service if you choose to purchase a career credit package of 10 or more.

Individual Birthchart Readings - 60mins

Team Readings
Contact for Pricing

Join the Astrology Collective!

A community for like-minded professionals who who see the benefit of integrating astrology into their professional lives. 

Here's what our Astrology Collective for Professionals offers:

  • Personalized Birth Chart Insights: You will receive a comprehensive analysis of your birth chart, revealing the cosmic influences that shape your professional life. Gain clarity on your strengths, potential career paths, and areas for growth

  • Monthly Forecasts: Stay ahead of the curve with monthly forecasts tailored to your birth chart. Get a sneak peek into the opportunities and challenges the upcoming month holds, allowing you to make informed decisions and leverage astrological energies.

  • Professional Stories Aligned with Astrological Movements: Hear from fellow professionals who have harnessed the power of astrology to navigate their careers successfully. Learn how aligning with cosmic energies can lead to breakthroughs and fulfillment in your professional life.

  • Community and Networking: Connect with like-minded professionals who share your interest in astrology. Forge meaningful connections, exchange ideas, and support one another on your career journeys. Expand your network and build lasting relationships.

Our Astrology Collective offers flexible membership options:

  • 3-month experience

  • 6-month journey

  • 12-month transformation

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Troy is exceptionally skilled at tuning into the astrological ebs and flows. He is detail oriented and accurate in his readings. You can really tell he's passionate about the work that he does. Highly recommend checking out relationship and workplace compatibility readings.Change the text and add your own."
- STEVIE, Entrepreneur, Toronto

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