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  1. Where did your name come from and how has it influenced the person that you’ve become? 

  2. Describe a time when you’ve had to speak up for yourself. What gave you the courage? What stood in the way? 

  3. Are you the person that people perceive you to be?  

  4. How do you stay centered? 

  5. When have you had to swerve in your life? How did it help you? 

  6. How do you balance the competing worlds of home life and work-life? 

  7. If you could find more time to do what you love, what would you do? 

  8. Have you experienced a loss? How did it shape your life? 

  9. What trailblazer throughout history has shaped you the most? If you could meet this person what questions would you ask? 

  10. What skills and lessons have you sought to learn as an adult? How does learning bring about change in your life today? 

  11. Do you embrace change in your own life? Why or Why not? 

  12. Reflect on your greatest struggle. What was it and how did it make you stronger? 

  13. Who was the most influential teacher when you were little? How did this person leave such an impression? 

  14. How did you get to school every day when you were young? 

  15. What has been your greatest sacrifice? 

  16. What was the greatest lesson you learned as a child? 

  17. What activities did you previously pursue but have no time for now? How can you get back to them again?

  18. What did you do as a child when school let out for the summer? 

  19. Have you ever stopped to think about who you want to be? 

  20. What is your story and how have you learned to embrace it?

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